Overview of Services

Nexus has set the standard of excellence for independent reviews.

Nexus specializes in providing Utilization Management review services to the Workers Compensation and healthcare industry. We have a reputation with our clients for delivering reliable excellence. This excellence continually meets and exceeds the needs of our partners in the industry, as well as enables our physicians to achieve a greater level of quality and efficiency.

Nexus currently represents a panel of over 1000 highly esteemed physicians from locations across the nation. Nexus utilizes a unique workflow process in addition to unmatched technology which allows us to continually assess our operational process, while utilizing built-in redundancies to ensure that our quality always remains high.

Workers Comp

Nexus offers a team of physicians and support staff who excel at reviewing medical and administrative expenses arising from workers compensation claims.

Group Health

Our group health utilization peer review system ensures that every member of a group health insurance program receives consistent, equitable care and that all charges and procedures fall within the umbrella of covered services, while remaining medically necessary.


Nexus provides utilization review services for disability benefit claims, with a goal of returning the claimant to work if possible. We provide impartial utilization review of STD as well as LTD cases.


Nexus provides utilization services for medical claims arising from automobile accidents and other claims against comprehensive and liability automobile insurance, including PIP/No Fault claims.