Our Independent Clinical Review Vision

Quality Focused

At Nexus, connecting quality and outcomes is not just our tagline but our promise. All internal workflows and services are executed with the core focus on delivering a first-class client experience. We have established highly-efficient administrative workflows and processes that allow our physician reviewers the ability to optimize their reviewing resources and focus on the core clinical decision-making process.

Our advisory panel of over 1000 highly-qualified physicians gives clients access to subject matter expertise in 98 disciplines and subdisciplines. Any healthcare or workers’ compensation case anywhere can be quickly presented to one of our board-certified, active practitioners for review. Quality is captured at each step of the review process.

Technology Driven

Nexus’ proprietary workflows and customer-facing portal simplifies the referral process and streamlines the flow of information. Cases for review are organized so that reviewers spend less time shuffling and more time deciding on evidence. An accurate, timely independent clinical review decision from an expert in the field is highly valuable.

Our proprietary, scalable technology can adapt to any independent clinical review program model and workflow. We provide intuitive, intelligent tools designed to maximize efficiency for our clients. All client data and patient protected health information (PHI) are managed with the highest levels of cybersecurity.


For a decade, Nexus has optimized the clinical review process for insurers, third-party administrators, brokers, consultants, attorneys, and employers with solutions for:

It is possible to balance quality of care with cost-containment, while creating better outcomes for patients. Our vision enables best-in-class clinical reviews, with highly accurate, defensible determinations delivered quickly.


Let us show you how we can improve your outcomes with independent clinical reviews.