Reliable Excellence in Clinical Review

Nexus specializes in providing independent clinical review and utilization management services for clients in workers’ compensation, group health, auto/liability, disability, and legal settings. We have an established reputation for delivering reliable excellence. Nexus has developed one of the largest physician panels in the industry, representing more than 1000 highly esteemed board-certified physicians in active practice across the nation.

Additional Services

Medical Necessity Reviews
Workers Comp Reviews
Group Health (Internals/Externals)
Post-Service Retrospective Reviews
Medication Reviews
Drug Utilization Reviews
CPT Code/Billing Reviews
Continuation of Care Plans
Vocational Consulting
Complex/Legacy/Peer Reviews
Standard of Care
Provider Review Services

Retrospective & Concurrent Length of Stay Reviews
Diagnostic Testing Reviews
Specialty Reviews including IRO
Long Term/Short Term Disability
Expert Testimony Services
Cost Projection Analysis
Medical-Legal Reviews
Functional Capacity Evaluations
Cost Containment Consulting Services
Drug Regimen Reviews
Chart Audit/ Hospital Peer Review
Bill Review
Nurse Case Management
Physician Component Only