More Physician Experts for Broader Review Capability

Higher Standards for Panelists

Nexus’ dedicated advisory panel is one of the largest in the industry, comprised of over 1000 panelists nationwide. Each of the physician experts on our panel is selected and recruited based on the highest standards of accreditation. Our panel represents over 98 specialties and subspecialties, ensuring all peer review and quality of care cases are specialty-matched. All physicians on our panel have five or more years post medical school, are primary source verified, are board-certified, and maintain an active clinical practice. Nexus continually invests in our panel by providing ongoing clinical training and education specific to each reviewer and to evolving needs of our client base.

Nexus has a unique, strategic approach to physician recruitment. Our seasoned Panel Development Team recruits and rigorously vets all physicians considered as panelists in our national network. Our approach maintains a highly trained physician panel working with an optimized review caseload. This ensures the reviewers are up to date and current on all guidelines and best practices. We increase the number of physicians and corresponding specialties as our clients review needs dictate.

Range of Specialties & Subspecialties

Some common specialties and subspecialties represented on our panel:

Orthopedic Spine Surgery
Hand Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
General Surgery
Physical Medicine
Internal Medicine
Pain Management/Medicine
Colon & Rectal Surgery
Sports Medicine

Occupational Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Geriatric Medicine
Oral Surgery


  • Board Certified in your area of specialty
  • Maintain active clinical or surgical practice
  • Minimum of 5 years post medical school
  • Active and unrestricted state license
  • Ability to work electronically and communicate in a timely manner in accordance with required deadlines
  • Ability to make phone calls to treating providers to conduct successful discussions regarding any clinical information needed
  • Ability to receive cases during business hours, Monday through Friday

Efficiency and Quality of Reviews

We enable our panelists to perform reviews quickly and accurately using our innovative technology-driven independent clinical review platform. Every aspect of our platform has been honed for efficiency, sustained by our state-of-the-art proprietary utilization review portal. Our physician portal was designed to optimize the reviewer’s expertise and reduce the administrative burden from the decision process. Our effective review processes mean panelists can maximize their caseload, as their preference and schedule dictates, and allows them to focus on the core determination-making process.

Are You a Physician Expert?

Nexus is always expanding our panelist network, seeking qualified physician experts in all 50 states. Your expertise can help claimants receive high quality, effective treatment and return to health and life successfully. You’ll also gain more knowledge as you virtually see more cases – in independent clinical review cases, we protect your identity from patients and clients.