Auto and General Liability Services

Liability Demand Package Reviews

After an auto accident or an on-premises injury, restoring the health of injured parties is a priority. Medical costs can mount quickly, and often simple auto claims can escalate into complex settlement demands and cumbersome litigation. Balancing auto and general liability exposure while ensuring medical is related to the injured parties accident is a challenge. Negotiations can hinge on having timely, accurate, defensible information.

Insurers and attorneys need an independent assessment of a patient’s medical history, treatments related to the injuries sustained in the accident, treatments which may be excessive or unrelated, and outcomes. Evidence-based decisions are essential to determine which treatments are appropriate, and what duration of treatment can be reasonably expected.

The Clinical Experts
Nexus provides independent medical review services for claims arising from automobile and general liability accidents, including PIP/No-Fault claims. Our panelists, supported by our independent clinical review platform, have clinical expertise needed to provide reviews with evidence-based recommendations quickly and cost-effectively. Highly accurate, timely decisions mitigate the risk of unnecessary medical spend on liability claims.

Our Auto and General Liability Services Include:

Liability Peer Review
Liability Bill Review
PIP Bill Review

Radiology Reviews
(Film Re-Reads)
Liability Nurse Review


Nexus has designed clinically sound cost-containment solutions for seamless integration into any auto and general liability insurance management model . We can tailor our platform to effectively align process, technology, and reporting for any unique workflow architecture.

Every aspect of our platform has been honed for efficiency, sustained by our state-of-the-art utilization review portal. Our physician portal was designed to optimize the reviewer’s expertise and reduce the administrative burden for all panelists and clients. Our customize client portal allows easy access real-time case information and determinations, rendering evidence-based decisions quickly and streamlined so your team can efficiently handle claims.

When auto and general liability clients receive defensible, clinical reviews quickly and accurately, claimants receive the care they need and unrelated medical costs are mitigated.


Our auto and general liability services provide timely, accurate, defensible reviews.