Legal Medical Review Services

Experts for Deposition and Testimony

In many legal cases, technical questions surrounding medical issues arise. Presenting these issues accurately and decisively during mediation and litigation to a mediator or other parties with limited medical background can be the difference between a case won or lost. Legal medical reviews provide expert medical support with evidence-based reviews that address extent of injury, causation and relatedness, necessity of treatment/surgeries, and pre-existing medical issues.

Experts with subject matter knowledge can do in-depth research on an injury, condition, specific treatment, chronology of treatment, or other medical history. They are often asked for depositions and testimony in order to establish credibility for their findings. A succinct synopsis can focus attention on points of interest.

The Clinical Experts

Nexus provides legal medical review services for third party administrators, insurance carriers, and law practices and corporate attorneys, with the clinical expertise to support litigated claims across the nation. All of our assigned legal medical review experts are credentialed annually, and willing to provide deposition support and testify as expert witnesses when and where needed. Our extensive network of panelists, supported by our independent clinical review platform, have clinical expertise needed to provide accurate reviews with evidence-based recommendations quickly and cost-effectively.

Nexus’ expert reviewers are are all board certified and in active practice and have been selected through a rigorous evaluations and background check. All reviewers on the panel have been selected on the basis of an extensive credentialing process that includes review of the detailed curriculum vitae (CV), clean state certification board records, primary source verification of licensure, multiple internal interviews, and completion of certification processes. Physicians are reviewed as to their record of certification, membership, and privileges at hospitals, in medical societies and HMOs. Physicians are also screened for medical liability or malpractice suits, disciplinary actions, license revocations, criminal or other convictions, and drug addiction issues. NEXUS utilizes only the most reputable, expert physicians for work on our medical review panel.

Our Legal Medical Review Services Include:

Medical-Legal Review
(Physician & Nurse)

Chronology Review
Expert Testimony Services


Nexus has designed clinically sound cost-containment solutions for seamless integration into any legal discovery process and workflow. We can tailor our platform to effectively align process, technology, and reporting for any unique workflow architecture.

Every aspect of our platform has been honed for efficiency, sustained by our state-of-the-art proprietary utilization review portal. Our physician portal was designed to optimize the reviewer’s expertise and reduce the administrative burden for all panelists and clients. Our customize client portal allows easy access real-time case information and determinations, rendering evidence-based decisions quickly and streamlined so your team can efficiently handle claims.

When legal medical review results flow to your legal team quickly and accurately, you receive fully defensible determinations from experts that can make a difference in case outcomes.


Our legal medical review services provide timely, accurate, defensible reviews.